• N-Lactoyl ethanolamine

    Kokumi agent, makes your food more wonderful.

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    What is kokumi

    Kokumi, a newly minted taste concept that has been described as a "taste enhancer" that magnifies and lengthens five basic tastes, such as sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. Words that express the kokumi idea include continuity, mouthfulness, heartiness and thickness. Kokumi is believed to be involved in the sensation of mouth-coating, that satisfying (and hard to replicate) experience of butter, fats, and emulsions coating the tongue and mouth.


    Although associated with taste, in many ways, kokumi is more of a texture. It can boost the mouth-coating sensation from fat-containing food materials such as a dairy emulsion. It can increase the roundness of a flavor, much like salt does traditionally, and amplify sweetness in reduced-sugar products.

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    N-Lactoyl ethanolamine

    N-Lactoyl ethanolamine is a food additive of natural origin, and wine is rich in this substance, which has fruit aroma and kokumi characteristics. N-Lactoyl ethanolamine can improve food taste, such as enhancing sweet, salty, cool, sour and umami tastes. Also, N-Lactoyl ethanolamine can be used in mouthwash, or as a moisturizer in cosmetics.


    N-Lactoyl ethanolamine has been widely recognized and approved by countries and organizations as a food additive. It has been recognized by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) with JECFA No. 1774. Safety assessment on N-Lactoyl ethanolamine by JECFA is: No safety concern as flavouring agent based on current intake, and its FEMA number is 4256.

  • About Huayi Foodtech

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    We are a food additive manufacturer in China. Our main products are lactisole and N-Lactoyl ethanolamine. Lactisole is a food additive that effectively reduces the perceived sweetness intensity of high sugar content foods, and N-Lactoyl ethanolamine is a kokumi agent.


    Our founders are experienced professors and chemists who are experts on the synthesis and applications of lactisole and N-Lactoyl ethanolamine. We have been manufacturing food additives since 2011 and have established strict quality standards which set by China and other countries like U.S, Germany, etc. These guarantee that we can provide high quality products.

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